Our Cuisine

Diners can expect a different and refreshing style of cooking from Chef Lino who brings his 25 years of culinary experience to the fore – creating a rich variety of original dishes with varying depth of flavours that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Signature dishes include Classic Sicilian Sardine Rolls, Gattopardo Signature Seafood Stew, and specialty handmade pastas using only fresh seasonal ingredients. As the seasons change so does the a la carte menu on offer, rest assured Chef Lino will keep you on your toes for the next seasons delights.



Preparing it the Sicilian Way

You can't hurry things in Sicilian cooking. The white broad beans have to be soaked overnight. The slow-fire stove takes some time to start up. Zuppa, soup, can be of various kinds - a bit of a broth, or more consistent, or a puree. In this case, we have a zuppa di fave secche, a puree, a macco. Present the macco on a plate with the chicory and garlic accompaniment, and the onions and fennel. Macco con cicoria is a delicious introduction to Sicily and to the Leopard ( Gattopardo)

Now, any jelly begins with gelatine softened in water adding the wonderful amber-coloured rum, It was rather fattening at first sight. Shaped like a tower garrisoned by red and green cherries and pistachio nuts. We can understand why the Prince liked it. It will be complemented wonderfully with Marsala wine.

His father's favoured portion of the rabbit was the head, exposing the brain and, adding a little salt, baked. We chop up onions and potatoes and toss them with prodigious quantities of olive oil. Add black olives and Trapani salt. Embed pieces of the meat within the vegetables, and add more oil. Rosemary, a strong herb, is sprinkled and a nice white wine douses the lot. And that's it, it's ready for the oven.